Colin Flaherty Spiritual Medium

About Me


My most wonderful tutor
Mavis pitilla.

I am a 4th Generation medium from my mothers side of the family. After years of sitting for development for mediumship & over 20 years sitting for trance mediumship.


I have gained absolute faith in the spirit world and that this is my pathway and that I communicate with those that have passed over, truthfully, humbly and with respect.

I have studied under some of the most well known and greatest medium tutors such as Leonard Young Mavis Pittila, Mallory Stendall. Stephen Smith,and colleges such as the Arthur Findley College.

I have spent time working as a medium and trance medium both in England and across America, my journey has included presidency of a church, as well as working in several different churches internationaly, including new Zealand, Australia, and America.

I am now based in Portsmouth running Spiritual development and spiritual awareness courses, doing private readings, parties,spiritual mediumship or trance mediumship demonstrations and work shops.

 Twice a year I work across America in California, L.A, Santa Clarita,Monterey,& Palm Springs, serving Churches, demonstrations plus one to one readings, teachings and demonstrations of mediumship.